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SLE Photography


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SLE Photography


Lehighton, PA





Portrait Sessions & Pricings



Portrait Sessions

A portrait session includes the photographer's time and talent. 

This fee is due at the time you book your session.



Photography in your home or nearby location


Why leave the comfort of your home when SLE Photography will bring her studio to you!  Travel fee is included in session fee up to 20 miles, $1.00 for each additional mile..




A single session will last about 1-2 hours depending on your package.


Outdoor or Studio Set up Single Session                                 $35.00

            Both Outdoor and Studio set up                        $50.00



A family session will last about 2-3 hours depending on your family size.


Outdoor or Studio Set up Family Unit (Parent + Children)         $50.00

            Both Outdoor and studio set up                        $65.00





Your proofs will be ready in 7 to10 days.  Your pictures will be put into a proof magazine.




Portrait Collections:

All portraits are enhanced with normal retouching; major retouching or print enhancement is available at addition charge.  Choose Color or Back and White for no additional costs.



Wall Portrait Collections:

Ready for a Frame


16x20 Wall Portrait Collection          $145.00

With 5 Desk Size Portraits


11x14 Wall Portrait Collection          $115.00

With 5 Desk Size Portraits



Desk Size Collections:


Extended Collection               $205.95

(10) Desk Portraits + (2-24) wallets (2 poses)



Immediate Collection               $116.95

(6) Desk Portraits + (24) wallets (1 pose)



Classic Collection                  $67.95

(3) Desk Portraits + (16) wallets (1 pose)





Desk Size Portraits are:


(1)-8x10, (2)-5x7’s, (3)-4x6’s, (4)-3x5’s, or (8)-wallets


With out an above package ………………………… ………. $20.00

With a package above add a desk portrait for…………………$15.00



Wallet Size (one pose):  

(16) $25.          (24) $37.          (48) $75.



Wall Portraits ready for frame:

11x14- $45.00             16x20- $75.00             20x24- $95.00